Our Mission

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Through the provision of quality cost-effective medical care and humanitarian assistance, the Lamp for Haiti works with and for the people of Haiti to improve the lives of some of the most marginalized persons in Haitian society. Our work is done in collaboration with local residents, other Haitian professionals, and both governmental and nongovernmental partners. […]

Who We Serve


 About Haiti Haiti is a land of mountain vistas, beautiful beaches, art and music. World class tourist destinations such as the Citadelle la Ferrière in the north of the country only hint at the amazing history of the nation. Haiti was, in the 1700s, the wealthiest colony in the New World, representing over 25% of […]

Message from Jim

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By Dr James Morgan, Founder   Relationships This fundamental concept is a key to successful family life, work, friendships, community.  In a very real sense, relationships embody dialogue.  Of course any meaningful conversation requires active listening. Paying attention to body language, as well as verbiage. (As I write this I rejoice in my own children’s […]

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How You Can Help

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    Founder Dr. Jim Morgan on WBEZ in Chicago, October 1, 2014

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    The people of Cité Soleil remain in desperate need of your support and solidarity. Here are some things you can do to help:  Donate by mail: Lamp for Haiti P.O. Box 39703 Philadelphia, PA 19106 (267) 295-2822    Donate online via PayPal or major credit card:   Give a gift from our wish list:  $50 […]

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    Donate Materials

    Currently the material goods we are most in need of include: Closed-Toe Shoes in childrens’ sizes (e.g. Crocs, Keens or similar): Electrocution is an unfortunately common occurrence in Cité Soleil, especially among children; dwellings typically are connected to the power grid by individuals using ad-hoc materials, making downed wires a constant hazard, especially after heavy rains. […]

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    Host a Fundraiser

    Hosting a fundraiser is a terrific way to make more people aware of the Lamp’s work in Cité Soleil.  It’s a great way to get people thinking about those who are less fortunate than us and a great way to help people contribute in a meaningful way.   It’s hard not to feel good about […]