The Lamp seeks to be as transparent as possible in its descriptions of its activities, its finances, its hopes and dreams.  As our vision statement says, “Transparency to the community, patients, donors, and governing bodies is a sine qua non.”


Following this principle, this page presents our financial review for 2015 as well as our IRS form 990 (click the hyperlink to view the full report).  The review was conducted by the independent accounting firm, Morey Nee Buck & Oswald.  Financial reviews are also available for 2014; 2013 and 2012


To review other aspects our organization please click on the GuideStar icon below.  Note that Guidestar is a leading website that provides consumers with an easy way to search for and review nonprofit agencies.  It provides assessments of nonprofits via its bronze/silver/gold ratings and also provides a central space where the documents of the nonprofit may be displayed.   By clicking on the icon below, you will be directed to the GuideStar site where you will be able to find the Lamp’s annual submissions to the IRS and many other pieces of useful information.  We are proud to highlight our gold star rating, “a testament to (y)our organization’s commitment to data transparency.”  We will continue to update our documentation on this site, so check back from time to time!  Note that access to some documents on GuideStar require a fee, but these documents — such as the audits and financial reviews — can always be accessed directly here at our own site. 




If you have any questions about the Lamp please do not hesitate to call us at 267-499-0516 or send us a message at!

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