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We Remember

(by Jim Morgan — 1-12-2018) Nou Sonje.  We remember. Eight years ago today, an earthquake that changed so many of our lives befell Haiti. We remember that darkest of hours, as friends and family, most of whom we had never met nor would have ever known, suffered or perished in the immediate and continued aftermath.
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Haiti = Energy + Population (squared)

Anniversary of the Earthquake

On January 12, 2010 the earthquake struck that was to have such a profound impact on life in Haiti.  Haiti is a country with one major city, the capital Port-au-Prince, the home to almost all of its hospitals, universities, government buildings, and larger businesses.  The epicenter of the earthquake was near enough that Port-au-Prince was
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Alfred in his workshop

Message from Jim

Dear Friends – I have been lucky enough to have met a local resident in Cité Soleil in the past few years with whom I have become friends. Alfred lives in the Bwa Nèf section, not far from the Lamp Health Center. A few years ago while living in another part of Haiti, his wife
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 Solar Power in Cite Soleil
Ultra-Good News for the Women’s Clinic School Zone!

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