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Completed drainage canal

Canal Project Completed

A major building project was completed this quarter, namely a 150 yard drainage canal that will drain mosquito infested standing water and reduce flooding in the neighborhood adjacent to the Lamp for Haiti Health Center.  The project will have tremendous benefits for all of the families along its path.  Even more importantly, perhaps, the canal
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Persistence, Expertise and Community Buy-In Generate Results

“Cocktails for a Cause” supports local doctor’s initiative in Haiti When Montclair native Dr. Jim Morgan had been providing medical services for a few years in Cité Soleil, an area scourged by terrible poverty in Port au Prince Haiti, he was approached by one of the local women who had been working with him since
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Path of Irma 2017

Hurricane Irma spares Haiti

It sometimes seems as though Haiti must suffer through each disaster that visits the region but in this case there is cause for celebration not sorrow. The impact of Hurricane Irma on Haiti was much less than feared. The north of Haiti experienced some violent winds but in the Port-au-Prince area, where the Lamp for
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 Solar Power in Cite Soleil
Ultra-Good News for the Women’s Clinic School Zone!

 Spring 2016

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