Update: The Lamp Health Center has reopened

We are happy to share that conditions have calmed just enough that the Lamp Health Center was able to be reopened in Cite Soleil on Thursday, Feb. 21st and remains in operation today. Below is a message from our In-country Medical Director, Dr. Hyppolite.
“Thursday’s reopening was like a breath of oxygen for the people of the area and also for other neighborhoods! Everyone in the community was waiting anxiously for our return. We are very grateful to our Lord that we have reached safely to our clinic and could enjoy a productive day without any incident. We hope conditions will allow us to continue. Today all of Lamp’s services were fully functioning and our full staff was present. Among the patients I saw today was a man with high blood pressure and cardiac problems.  Lamp has been treating him for almost one year.  Because of the lockdown situation in the streets he was unable to get for medical care and needed medicines, even though he was not feeling well over the last two weeks.  He was desperately awaiting the reopening of Lamp. Today he was joyful to learn the clinic was reopened and came because he was feeling very bad with a lot of pain on his thorax (chest). When we examined him, we found his blood pressure was 180/110 and he was out of breath and uncomfortable.  Fortunately, Lamp can help him address this problem and he is already feeling better. 
Dr. Vilpigue sees pediatric patients.
The cardiac patient Dr. Hyppolite treated.
The busy waiting area of the Women’s Clinic
Taking care of life and giving patients back their smiles is something precious and shows us what we do in this neighborhood is the right thing and life-changing.  We saw many patients today and it was a good day for us all.”    Sincerely yours, Barrere Hyppolite MD
The risk of renewed civil unrest remains high and thus Lamp will continue to evaluate conditions on a daily basis.  Be assured that we are doing all we can and that our patients appreciate it more than ever.
We thank you for your support in these tough times,
Jim Morgan, MD
Board Chair, Lamp for Haiti
adminUpdate: The Lamp Health Center has reopened