How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help make a difference

A donation of funds is the most direct way to help.  Yet, you may wonder, "what else can I do?"  There are many ways to make a difference!  Please help us raise awareness of Lamp for Haiti and with that, help us to increase interest and support. Here are some ideas:

Host a Fundraiser

Help raise awareness of Lamp for Haiti and inspire others to join you in giving.  Recent supporter-run fundraisers include dinner parties, a basketball tournament, a yoga party, a music event, a marathon run and more.  Some of these events raise more than $3,000 and all of them support the mission of the Lamp.  Want help getting a fundraiser started?  Contact Kelli Herd, Director of Development, at

Leverage Your Social Media to Raise Awareness

If you don't have time to host a fundraiser, as in a dinner party, you can still harness the power of the internet.  Consider writing to your friends about Lamp for Haiti in a social media post and link it to our website.  Follow us on Facebook and share our posts to tell your friends about the good work at Lamp for Haiti.  These easy gestures make a big difference in reaching a broader audience to raise awareness of our inspiring work. We thank you in advance!  

Matching Funds

Don't forget to ask your employer about matching funds to magnify the impact of your giving.  Our Gold Star listing on will usually ensure our eligibility but we are happy to provide whatever documentation the employer needs. 

Give Tribute Gifts

Make a donation to express your love for someone or to say thank you to someone and we will acknowledge your donation with a card so they know your gift was made in their honor. What a beautiful expression on Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and holidays such as Christmas.  “In memorium” gifts are also a beautiful way to honor a loved one.

Check out with Amazon Smile or iGive

It only takes one minute to designate Lamp for Haiti (or The Lamp Foundation) as your charity on Amazon Smile or iGive.  Then when you buy anything from those sites, the vendors donate a small portion of your purchase to the Lamp.  Vendors at iGive sometimes offer over 5% of the purchase cost!  Your own cost stays the same., for example, is an exact mirror of, all prices are identical.

In-Kind Donations of Medical Equipment or Medicines

Transportation of donated materials to Haiti is costly, so that not all “in-kind donations” can be used.  However, the Lamp is open to donations of medicine, lab supplies, and medical equipment.  Please contact Henry Reimer at if you are interested in making an in-kind donation for the health center.

Special Donations

The Lamp welcomes non-standard gifts such as stocks or other financial instruments.  Designating the Lamp as a beneficiary in an annuity or will is also a marvelous way to share life’s blessings with those in need.  

Donations can also be based on proposals for specific projects.  These proposals can be developed in collaboration with the Lamp and can be a terrific way to assist the Lamp while allowing the donor to see a specific initiative come to fruition. Please contact Kelli Herd, Director of Development, at to talk about developing a specific project or giving plan.