Public Health Outreach

We believe prevention is always better than treatment, and knowledge is always empowering.

 The Lamp spreads health education and health care through its Community Health Workers initiative, Mobile Clinics and regular health education sessions at the Lamp Health Center. Our staff also provides health education sessions at local schools and are working with the schools to improve school curriculum in this area. We host  occasional health fairs in which public health education is the paramount goal.

Community Health Workers

In 2016 Lamp raised funds to launch a Community Health Worker initiative. Our community health workers visit homes in the area to provide direct assistance, health education, and connect everyone to the services of the Lamp clinic in a very personal way. They are instrumental in identifying community members who need care and for follow-up visits after treatment.

Mobile Health Clinics

Mobile health clinics vastly improve access to care in communities that lack adequate medical services. Each mobile clinic typically attracts 200-250 patients. Our goal is to do a monthly mobile clinic if we have resources.