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Weaver Birds in Haiti

Jim Morgan, April 14, 2021 My Sunday flight to Haiti was canceled due to tornadoes in Florida, near where I was to make a connection. My luggage has been lost by the airline. My phone wouldn’t work, and internet is spotty. I couldn’t find potable water last night.¬† But today is a new day. This
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Reflection from Dr. Morgan on the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

Eleven years ago today, at 4:53 pm, the earth in Haiti shook for 30 seconds. In its wake, over 200,000 people died.   Thousands  were left amputees,  hundreds of thousands  homeless.  All in the aftermath of a cataclysmic¬†thirty seconds. Why? It seems so long ago — eleven years. World events  careen along , exhausting us.
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The Meaning of Community by James Morgan

In a recent NY Times article1, columnist David Brooks wrote about the importance of grassroots projects and strong community bonds . On reading it I immediately thought of the Lamp community, among whose members  are residents of Cite Soleil, our intrepid medical staff, as well as the many supporters like you who believe in our
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Summer 2021

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Spring 2021

Community Health Workers
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Fall 2020

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Saving Wilson


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