Winter 2016-17




Solar Power in Cite Soleil
Lamp for Haiti News
Ultra-Good News for the Women’s Clinic
School Zone!







  Spring 2016

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Power of Partnership
Why Not, Why Yes — Sakala Director Daniel Tillias
Letter from Haiti — James Morgan MD









Winter 2015

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A Visit to Bwa Nèf – Grace Harrison
Lamp 2015 — James Morgan MD
The Story of Mr. Memnon — Barrère Hyppolite MD








Summer 2015

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Dear Friends
EMR Raises the Bar
Sakala: An Inspiring Partner
Special Program: Child Nutrition
This Lamp Will Soon Be Solar Powered





Winter 2014

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  Putting Down Roots
  The Process that is Lamp for Haiti
  Women’s Health Clinic Launch
  A History-Making X-Ray!






Spring 2014

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  Relationships – by Dr Morgan
  The Story of Benoit Florestal
  Why Support the Lamp? by Richard Evans
  Homegrown Expertise





Winter 2013


The Lamp campus expands
Calling all school sponsors!
A presence in Cite Soleil
A symbol of life






Summer 2013


Program overview
Support suggestions










 Fall 2012

State of the Lamp 2012 — James Morgan MD
Voices of Bwa Nèf
Solidarity par excellence: Dr Barrère Hyppolite




Spring 2012

Cite Soleil Heats Up
Rock Solid Staff
Training for Women’s Health: A New Experience
Message from the National Program Manager