Through the provision of quality cost-effective medical care and humanitarian assistance, the Lamp for Haiti works with and for the people of Haiti to improve the lives of some of the most marginalized persons in Haitian society. Our work is done in collaboration with local residents, other Haitian professionals, and both governmental and nongovernmental partners.

Lamp for Haiti is non-profit, non-sectarian and apolitical. Transparency to the community, patients, donors, and governing bodies is a sine qua non.


Vision statement

Lamp for Haiti envisions a time when the communities we serve will meet their basic health and humanitarian needs on a self- sustaining basis.

To that end the Lamp for Haiti develops and empowers local professional and nonprofessional staff to carry out its mission, aligns its activities with the needs and interests of the local community, and cooperates in mutually beneficial and sustainable ways with Haiti’s broader network of health organizations.


Our Work

The Lamp for Haiti provides basic health care in our Cité Soleil health clinic.   To reduce the causes of ill health we engage in water and sanitation projects, support local schools, provide health education and humanitarian aid.


Health care

Our primary care medical clinic is staffed by paid professional health team members, all Haitian, including two full time doctors. The clinic is open five days per week, year round. We see over 1,000 patients per month.  Supplementary services include a women’s health clinic, a child nutrition program, EKG, and digital radiology.

We provide doctor consultations, testing of a wide range of conditions at our on-site lab, and medicine.  Medicines and testing are provided free of charge, including specialized medication for the women’s clinic.  We ask for 10 Haitian gourdes (approximately 25 cents) per consultation.

The diseases we treat include, but are not limited to the following: diarrheal illness, sexually transmitted diseases, acute respiratory illness, malaria, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, malnutrition, and minor trauma. We test for HIV, and syphilis using bedside test strips.   We provide a nutrition program for children based on the fortified peanut butter “Medika Mamba”.   Our women’s health clinic assists in prenatal care, postpartum, as well as breast and pelvic health.  In 2014 we installed a digital x-ray machine, which has greatly improved the diagnostic ability of our doctors.  We have recently integrated a computerized medical record system which provides us with easy-to-access health statistics and patient data.

Our goal is to provide top quality medical care in the most efficient way possible.  Our cost per patient is approximately $20.  Our administrative cost — which is included in the cost per patient — is approximately 5% of our total budget.

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