Dr. Sévere joins the Lamp

Several years ago, the Lamp realized that there was a large gap in locally available health services, namely that of services for women.  We therefore organized a women’s clinic, trained one of our nurses in midwifery and have provided specialized services, two days per week, since then.  Now, however, we are moving to expand and improve these services.  The first step was to construct a new building that could provide a home for the expanded women’s clinic.  Despite delays, we are very close to moving in to this new building.  Next, we needed someone to take on the role of women’s clinic director.  We hoped very much that we would be able to find a woman for this role.

We are very pleased to announce, therefore, the hire of Dr Ophnie Severe (pictured above).  Dr Severe will dedicate her time to the women’s clinic and we are very much looking forward to her energy and ideas.   Having a dedicated physician for the women’s health clinic has been a long-standing dream for the Lamp and is certain to take the women’s clinic to a new level of excellence.

adminDr. Sévere joins the Lamp