Lamp Providing Full Service!

May 15, 2024

We have delayed this update in the hopes that the ever-impending re-opening of our health center would in fact take place.  And it has!  We have now been open, providing full services at our Haiti Communitere site since Monday.  Our services are desperately needed and it is a great relief to break through this barrier!

Our staff, who have been chafing at the bit, are very excited to provide direct service once again.   We look forward to a long and busy summer. 

Over this past period, our staff has faced, and still faces, many difficulties due to insecurity, lack of electricity and shortages of all types.  But we are happy to report that none have suffered any extreme event.  We have been lucky and can direct all of our energies toward assisting those that have been much less fortunate.

At Lamp’s main site, in the part of Cité Soleil known as Bwa Nèf, renovations continue at a slow but steady pace.  Flood control renovation and preparations for a major upgrade of our solar energy system are going ahead despite the virtual lock-down of the area.  That we are able to do this is due, most certainly, to the fact that we have always prioritized local labor for any Lamp building projects.  Thus, we have three construction foremen and a large pool of labor available within Bwa Nèf itself, right now.  We are able to truck in building materials because our trucker is also a local person, who has an understanding with the local gang leader.  Other than Lamp, it is fair to say that not many others are engaging in building projects at this time! 

In conclusion: Thanks to all of you that have continued your support!  We have taken the stand that we will continue to pay our staff full wages despite the constant disruptions – not only because it is fair and humane, given the privations that everyone is facing, but also because we must be prepared to mount a full and active response whenever there is opportunity to do so.  As we have mentioned before, hidden beneath the political crisis in Haiti is an enormous health catastrophe that will take all of our energies to combat.  Now, an opportunity has arrived and we have jumped back into the fray.  We are ready to take on any additional tasks that will lessen the suffering, at whatever scale our resources allow, and ask for your help to make that response a meaningful one. 

Kenbe Fèm! as the saying goes in Kreyol.  Keep the faith!

In friendship,

Henry, Kelli and Jim 

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