Construction has begun!

A central principle of the Lamp, from our earliest days, has been to integrate our services into the life of the community we serve.  A second principle, even more fundamental, has been to target our efforts to the most impoverished and neglected populations of which we are aware.  The direct result of these principles was our decision to locate our health center in the middle of the desperately poor neighborhood known as Bwa Nef, within the wider slum of Cité Soleil.

That this location has provided challenges is certainly true, but we remain committed to the wisdom of our chosen path.  Now, to reinforce that commitment we are expanding our “campus” in Bwa Nef with the construction of a new two-room building.

It will be our first ever purpose-built structure for medical use.  Ever since the Lamp clinic opened in 2006, we have made do with converted residential buildings.  But our plans to install a much needed x-ray facility call for a building with unique specifications.

Not to mention, of course, that our current space is extremely cramped!

Each of the two rooms will function as an exam room for our physicians, but each also has a distinct purpose: one will be the new home of our women’s health clinic and the second will double as our x-ray room.  Our ability to provide top quality medical service will greatly increase once these additions are made!

adminConstruction has begun!