Daniel Tillias receives HSNNE award

On April 6, an awards ceremony was held that had very special significance for the Lamp.  Daniel Tillias received the Human Rights Award from the Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East at their annual dinner and dance.

Daniel is an active and committed member of the Lamp’s board of directors.  He is also the founder and director of an organization named Sakala which operates a program for Cité Soleil youth, not far from the Lamp’s clinic.  Daniel grew up in Cité Soleil himself and is a sterling role model for the youth of the area.  His program includes a large urban garden, tutoring for local school children, organized sports activities and community service initiatives.  Sakala aims to promote values of peace, respect, physical fitness and environmental responsibility.   It is real, ground-level community development.

The Lamp is currently developing plans with Daniel that will see us collaborate on several activities, including mobile clinics at Sakala, and efforts to enhance health and peace education at local schools.

Congratulations, Daniel!  It is richly deserved.

adminDaniel Tillias receives HSNNE award