The people of Cité Soleil remain in desperate need of your support and solidarity. Here are some things you can do to help:

  Donate by mail:

Lamp for Haiti
P.O. Box 39703
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(267) 295-2822

 Donate online via PayPal or major credit card:

 Give a gift from our wish list: 

  1. Your gift of $25 buys malaria screening for 15 patients
  2. Your gift of $50 buys HIV testing for 22 patients
  3. Your gift of $110 buys treatment for 5 patients, including consultation with a physician, lab tests, medicine and specialized services as needed (x-ray, EKG, nebulizer, etc.)
  4. Your gift of $125 buys a full slate of (6) initial tests for 10 pregnant women
  5. Each gift of $150 provides one severely malnourished child with the lifesaving nutrition program, Medika Mamba (a ready-to-use therapeutic food made of ground roasted peanuts, powdered milk, cooking oil, sugar, vitamins and minerals.) Includes the eight week treatment, weekly supervision by staff, and treatment of related health problems such as worms and opportunistic infection.
  6. Your gift of $380 supports a child in school for one year. You will be assigned a specific child and will receive semi-annual reports.  Includes uniforms, fees, books, school materials and school snacks.  Urgent! $760 for two!
  7. Your gift of $750 buys one mobile clinic in another underserved area of Cité Soleil, providing urgent medical care for 250 patients.

Or consider being the sponsor of a major improvement at the Lamp:

We have several hugely desirable projects that require the commitment of a serious philanthropist.

  • SPECIAL: Ultrasound machine for Women’s Clinic. Portable Mindray DP50: $9,000
  • SPECIAL: Sanitation project for clinic neighborhood. 120 yard drainage canal to eliminate standing water near clinic, thereby reducing water borne disease and eliminating mosquitos that cause Zika, Dengue, “Break-bone” fever (Chickungunya), and Malaria.  Terrific quality of life improvement for the whole area.  An urgent need.  $11,000
  • Lab expansion — appropriate for TB diagnosis — counters, plumbing, flooring, equipment — $4,200


 Other ways to support us:

Lamp for Haiti Board Member Richard Evans has generously agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of his first book to the Lamp. In Health and Capital: A Rational Path to Fairness and Efficiency in American Health Care, Dr. Evans reviews the moral and economic costs of the present health care system. A long time friend of Medical Director Dr. Jim Morgan, Richard Evans has supported the work of the Lamp since its inception. Richard Evans earned a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University in 1988 and a master’s of Public and Private Management from Yale University in 1991. Health and Capital is available online here

The Lamp for Haiti is a federally recognized 501(c) 3 charitable organization qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions. Your donation to the Lamp is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.