Identifying malnutrition in Bwa Nef

Last week, Dr Hyppolite, Nurse Georges and Nurse Alcius visited an exemplary school in Cité Soleil.  It is called the Institution Mixte Union des Apôtres — a free school funded by an agency called Prodev.  The school had requested the visit to make sure that none of the students were suffering from malnutrition.  In the end, after providing a quick check-up for 75 children, it was determined that only one child was suffering from inadequate nutrition.  She was put into the medika mamba nutritional program. Overall, an affirming visit for the school and a positive day for the staff.

The partnership did, however, immediately raise the question of whether or not the Lamp should take on similar assessments at other local schools, schools which do not benefit from external funding nor provide food for their students two times a day as the Union des Apôtres does.

The question was quickly answered in the affirmative and we are looking forward to both strengthening our relationship with local schools and also taking pro-active measures to identify those children whose growth, mental abilities and resistance to disease (among other things) are being compromised by malnutrition.

adminIdentifying malnutrition in Bwa Nef