New Faces at the Lamp

The Lamp is thrilled to introduce our two newest staff members. Thanks to many excellent recommendations from our partners in Haiti we have been able to find two people who represent a perfect combination of professional skill and genuine compassion. We hope and assume that they will be with us for many years to come!

Dr. Barrère Hyppolite is our new In-Country Medical Director. He will oversee all clinic activities and, in tandem with Dr. Jim Morgan, will work to plan and implement the many additional services that we will be offering in the coming years. Dr. Hyppolite was working in a hospital in Cap Haitien prior to accepting this position and we are very happy that he felt the desire to come back to his hometown of Port-au-Prince!

Dr. Hyppolite and Benoit Florestal

Mr. Benoit Florestal is our new National Program Manager. He will be the administrative head of the Lamp’s programs in Haiti. As a well-experienced financial manager he will help us ensure that your contributions are used in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Benoit has only been with us for three weeks but his skills, his rapport with the community, and his genuine appreciation of the Lamp’s goals make it clear that he is a person, like Dr. Hyppolite, around whom we can build an ever-stronger and ever more effective organization.

In a community meeting last week, a local leader said, “Let the Lamp shine!” There is no doubt that, with these two new staff members, we will indeed keep the light shining, brighter than ever.

adminNew Faces at the Lamp