Thank you for your confidence and kindness!

On behalf of those whom we work with and for, a resounding Thank you! for your generosity in material, finances and spirit.  We are making a difference.

Since the earthquake of January 2010, we have refocused our mission to prioritize that which provides direct patient care, and related services. In short we want to keep our strengths strong and we are doing just that.

Some accomplishments to highlight…

Nurse training

Ms Flaure, one of our top nurses, is presently receiving advanced training in Hinche about 37 miles north of  Port-au-Prince in the country’s central plateau region. The program is run by an organization called Midwives for Haiti ( She will return to work for us in December and will manage the women’s program.

Expanded hours

While previously we were able to see patients three days per week, we now are open five. Under the direction of Dr Barrere Hyppolite and Mr. Benoit Florestal, the facility is operating in a manner consistent with our goal of being about Haiti, run by Haitians.


Our laboratory has been inspected by the Ministry of Health, and we passed with flying colors. We perform basic serologies, blood counts, blood and sputum smears (for malaria, TB and other tropical illnesses). Miss Aline, our certified lab techinician, keeps the lab in top shape.

Pharmacy Expansion

Our pharmacy provides medications to patients at no charge. Periodically we revisit the notion of patients paying a small stipend for the meds. The reality is that when patients need to pay, they forgo treatment. Most people get by on about 50 cents daily in the area where we work.


Perhaps more than anything, the leadership now in Lamp for Haiti has taken a huge step forward. Dr Barrere Hyppolite and Mr Benoit Florestal together set the tone for professionalism as they work each day, often under extreme circumstances, to ensure that patients are receiving quality health care.


We have partnered with several organizations providing health care and related services in Haiti. Among them are Americares and Pure Water for the World.  We provide logistics support at Cardinal Stepinac orphanage in Bon Repos, located about 30minutes outside of Port-au-Prince.

adminThank you for your confidence and kindness!