The words mean “Bwa Nef says Thank You!”

Art sale flyer -- Nov 7 at Commonwealth Club, MontclairThe Second Annual Lamp reception was an inspiring, unprecedented event for the Lamp.  The beauty of Haitian art and culture was the focal point, and it brought out the best in everyone who attended.  Haiti still matters, in these hearts!

The featured photo is of a piece of Haitian metalwork, made by an artist in Bwa Nef itself.  It is similar to many of the pieces of art that were sold at the reception, but with some added words.  The words mean, “Bwa Nef says Thank You!”

Bwa Nef is the community in which Lamp’s health center is situated.  With under 3% of funds going to administration this year, it’s not an exaggeration to say your gifts will go directly to those that need them most.   A success in Montclair is a success in Bwa Nef!

Have a marvelous holiday season and keep Haiti in your heart!

adminThe words mean “Bwa Nef says Thank You!”