Children’s Hope visits the Lamp

Leisa Faulkner and Paul Burke are the leading lights of Children’s Hope, a small California non-profit with a special interest in Haiti.  One of the goals of Children’s Hope is to inspire in young Americans a lifelong passion to understand, engage with, and assist the poorest of the poor.  It is one thing to talk about poverty in the abstract and another to experience first-hand the vast differences — in wealth, living conditions and opportunity — that are revealed by a 90 minute flight from the US mainland.  So, Leisa and Paul brought 15 young people to the Lamp clinic where they painted walls, picked up garbage and assisted the clinical staff.  They brought a burst of energy and enthusiasm to the clinic and the community.  (Thanks guys!)  Each of these young people also contributed a significant amount of cash which was converted into medical supplies and donated to the Lamp.  They have already made a difference in our world.

Children’s Hope has been assisting the Lamp for many years now.  Here’s wishing Leisa (on the ladder) and Paul (behind the tree) many inspiring, engaging years to come.

adminChildren’s Hope visits the Lamp