LAMP: a symbol of life for the people of Cité Soleil

By Barrère Hyppolite, In-Country Medical Director for the Lamp


Probably If I tell you that some people come as early as 1:00 a.m. to have the chance to be consulted by a doctor in our clinic you will doubt me.  But personally we know, the Haitian local staff with  the members of the board of LAMP.  And it is certainly not only the free services that we provide that gives us our reputation.  It’s because we feel that the patient deserves the best care.  We want to be included in their life, walk beside them and help them build something stronger for their future and for their children.  People love it when they are given respect, when they are respected for what they bring to society.  They want to be part of society, they don’t want to be marginalized.  And because the Lamp has considered this part of their life, they want the Lamp to continue and to enlarge its services in the community: the Lamp is their symbol.  So it is not a surprise to see people coming at 1 a.m. so that they can get a place and wait until 6 a.m. to get a ticket in order to be one of the people that will be seen by our staff.

Working here is also a chance for us, a great opportunity to help our brothers and sisters of this big slum to have a better life and to facilitate a new tomorrow, saying I feel better, both in my physical health and in my mind.


adminLAMP: a symbol of life for the people of Cité Soleil