Our first X-ray — a tremendous step forward!

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Today, October 1, 2014, is a momentous day in the history of the Lamp! A great deal of truly inspiring work and generosity has combined to produce this marvelous outcome: the opening of our radiology unit.


We have benefited immensely from the support of so many individuals and partner agencies, from the selection of the equipment, its purchase, shipping and passage through customs, training of our x-ray technician, and installation that we can only celebrate the generosity of the human heart.  It has been an uplifting experience, to say the least!


The unit will greatly increase our ability to diagnose a great range of serious illnesses. Previously we were forced to ask patients to obtain x-rays elsewhere, at great cost to themselves. But, in fact, patients were not able to pay this cost: they simply came back empty-handed and Lamp physicians were forced to diagnose and attempt effective treatment without adequate information.


The x-ray machine itself is digital, which is a great boon, and not only because it is so much simpler to operate. Images can easily be sent by email, allowing collaboration between Haitian and US physicians or between health agencies in Haiti itself. It allows the residents of Bwa Nèf — and especially those with atypical conditions — access to a much wider range of expertise — entrance to a world beyond Bwa Nèf.


The young man pictured above, by the way, is Dénold Joseph, a resident of Bwa Néf itself — the community in which our clinic is located. For the past five months he has been taking hands-on radiography training at the St. Luke’s Foundation for Haiti hospital, in preparation for this day. He is very much ready to take on the role of primary x-ray technician for the Lamp. It will be great to have him at the clinic on a daily basis.


And, speaking of our staff, it is very satisfying to realize that our excellent physicians will have one more tool in their kit — allowing them to more fully use their existing skills, allowing their skills and knowledge to blossom. The people of Bwa Nèf can only benefit!

adminOur first X-ray — a tremendous step forward!