Thanks to You

It has been a difficult year for so many of you, our supporters, and we can’t thank you enough for keeping Haiti in your thoughts.

Sadly enough this will be another harsh year for most Haitians.  A combination of drought in many areas and the three major storms that hit Haiti this year have combined to wreak havoc on the expected harvest in this predominantly agricultural country.  Rising food prices have already caused massive protest in Haiti this year, and a poor harvest can only make the problem worse.  Rising food prices impact all areas of life for the poor.  The ability of people to pay for health and education, even clean water, will plummet, reducing everyone’s chances to improve their fortunes.

We must be persistent in our fight and your commitment to the people of Haiti has been inspiring.  Together we can continue to fight, to shine a light, to stand beside the people of Cité Soleil despite all difficulties.

We would like to wish all of our supporters (and potential supporters!) a great holiday and a terrific 2013!


(The accompanying picture is of Madame Maxine from Cité Soleil.  Read her story in the Fall newsletter — under the “News” menu item.)

adminThanks to You