Why Support the Lamp?

By Richard Evans, board member

On a global basis, hundreds of organizations work to bring health care to millions of persons living in under-served communities; and, with few exceptions each of these organizations make productive use of charitable contributions. In short, there is no lack of good options for giving.  When so many communities and organizations can benefit from your giving, why should you consider giving to LAMP?

We offer continuity of care in a community that otherwise would not be served:  LAMP for Haiti is the only medical clinic in Bwa Nèf, a neighborhood of perhaps 15,000 persons, and has been a consistent part of the neighborhood since 2006. A parent or guardian bringing a child or loved one to LAMP can reasonably expect to see the same health care providers each time – even if visits are months or even years apart

We operate to a Western standard of medical practice:   LAMP’s clinical standards are no different than those of any fully accredited physician’s office operating in the United States. We have a qualified clinical laboratory on-site, a 12-lead digital EKG, an electronic medical record system, and soon, digital radiography. These technologies enable on-site staff to handle a majority of cases independently, and allow off-site physicians to consult and review as necessary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (continued below)

We create jobs and develop careers for Haitians, in Haiti: With the occasional exception of visiting specialists, all of our care is delivered by Haitian physicians and nurses. We invest in the continuing medical education of our medical staff in an effort to continuously improve the care we deliver, with the added benefit of expanding career options for LAMP employees

We invest in education and prevention:  Because we are a consistent neighborhood presence, we are able to identify and address common underlying causes of the cases we treat. For example, we have a trained midwife that searches for and educates expectant and new mothers, and provides for the nutritional needs of infants. We operate ‘well-clinics’ at local soccer fields where kids who are not in school and otherwise would not see a physician can receive care. And we built, and financed the maintenance of, shower and toilet facilities – the only plumbing in our neighborhood

We make efficient use of resources entrusted to us:  Under some of the most difficult operating conditions in our hemisphere, LAMP for Haiti delivers a Western standard of medical care to a community that would otherwise receive no care, at a cash cost per patient of roughly $20 – less than the average patient’s co-payment for a visit to a US physician

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